Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Your Path to Peaceful Resolution

Expert Lawyers for Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution offer a cost-effective and prompt solution for settling numerous issues outside of court. All you need is the assistance of a proficient negotiator. No matter what legal issue you’re facing, with the support of our Experienced Lawyers and mediators, there’s a high possibility we can resolve it without resorting to court proceedings, through Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Notable Advantages of Alternative Dispute  Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution, with its long standing record of success and party satisfaction, is largely favoured due to its cost efficiency, speed, and minimal stress. It also allows the parties to have a greater influence over the settlement – in many cases preserving relationships, too.

Before initiating any legal actions, our Family Lawyers and mediators strongly advocate for the exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution possibilities. It’s crucial to note that even if a legal proceeding is already underway, it’s always possible to resort to Alternative Dispute Resolution if there are changes in circumstances and new opportunities for negotiation.


A Conciliator supports parties in pinpointing problems and generating options and alternatives, with the hope of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement.


An Arbitrator is designated, and the conflicting parties provide their evidence. The Arbitrator will then reach a decision based on the facts and evidence submitted.


A Mediator is chosen to enhance communication between the conflicting parties, assisting them in recognizing the core issues that are the root cause of the dispute, and hopefully, leading them towards a negotiated settlement.

Find out suitable dispute resolution method for you.

It’s crucial to identify an appropriate dispute resolution method that aligns with your specific situation. Whether it’s mediation, arbitration, or litigation, each path offers different advantages and drawbacks. By understanding your unique needs, you can select the right strategy to resolve your dispute effectively and efficiently.